The Zook's Orchard Story

Zook's Orchard was established in the spring of 2014 with our first beehive, a plowed 1/2 acre for the 330 tiny blueberry bushes that were on order for the fall planting, and a commitment to sustainable and natural growing and products to the greatest extent possible.  Our philosophy is simple and straightforward - if it takes more than God's rain, sunshine, and surrounding nature to produce it, we won't offer it.  We practice natural beekeeping, putting no chemicals or medications in the beehives.  We use no pesticides or herbicides on our blueberries and wild blackberries.  We want you to be able to take any product home from Zook's Orchard and put it right on the table for eating.  You could even snack on it on the way home!  At Zook's Orchard we take business ethics and personal relationships very seriously.  Our customers, business associates, and friends will never experience anything other than complete honesty and integrity when dealing with Zook's Orchard.  We look forward to seeing you here at the Orchard and getting to know you!
Zook's Orchard proudly flies the American flag in support of our troops and our great nation.
Meet the Zooks!
Keith and Terri
Our Mission

Provide customers with high quality naturally produced products in a safe, family-friendly, and wildlife compatible environment.
Our Vision

Provide a model for responsible stewardship of the environment in all that we grow and produce.
Our honeybees love it when the Zook's Orchard plum trees bloom first in early spring!  Part of the blueberry patch can be seen in the foreground (taken spring of 2015, about 4 months after planting).
Zook's Orchard blueberries spring of 2019!  We've come a long way in just a few years!